Let pray for our brothers and sisters and stop requesting for material things from God – singer iona Reine to Christians.

Ghanaian singer Iona Reine has admonished Christians to take the opportunity to pray for their brothers and sisters.

According to her, a lot of believers are keen on asking God for favours but finds it difficult in praying for their brothers and sisters in Christ.

In an exclusive interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi tv, she said a lot of Christians have been praying for visas and cars forgetting the importance of the believer’s soul. She emphasized that a soul is more important than all the material things one may desire.

“Let pray for souls and be passionate about it as Christians. God is our father and will grant us all our desires according to Psalm 20:4”.

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Iona Reine has a new single dubbed “intentional love” stream below

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