Maame Grace Vents on Ghana’s $6.6B Lithium Gift to Australia as Living Conditions Deteriorate

In a startling revelation, spiritual visionary Maame Grace claims that Ghana’s ancestral spirits are distressed over the alleged shipment of Ghanaian lithium to Australia, urging for its return to benefit the Ghanaian people. According to Maame Grace, this discovery was made through a vision where the spirits of Ghana implored her to address the misplacement of this vital resource.

Through a YouTube video on her channel, “Spiritual Hour and Revelations,” Maame Grace passionately called upon pastors and spiritual leaders of Ghana to advocate for the return of the lithium to its rightful owners. She further questioned the Australian government’s role in taking this resource, emphasizing that lithium should be utilized to develop Ghana and improve the lives of its citizens.

Background information reveals that Ghana is set to join the lithium production market in 2024, with the Ewoyaa project in Mankesim, Central Region, being the nation’s inaugural lithium mine. Atlantic Lithium, an Australian mining firm, is leading this endeavour, anticipating a substantial production of at least 365,000 tonnes annually ($6.6 billion), generating significant revenue over a projected 12-year mine life.

Amid this burgeoning mining industry, Maame Grace’s spiritual intervention has amplified concerns about the equitable utilization of Ghana’s lithium, adding fuel to the debate on its potential contribution to Ghana’s development, particularly against the backdrop of rising poverty within the nation.

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