Medikal Reveals Exclusive O2 Indigo Concert in an interview with Bola Ray

In a groundbreaking announcement, the renowned Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, is set to
headline his very own concert at the prestigious O2 Indigo in London. The event, scheduled
for May 3, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the artist's career, as he ventures beyond
Ghana's borders to showcase his talent on the international stage.
Medikal's recent album release, "Planning and Plotting," has been making waves in the
music industry. The album features an impressive lineup of collaborations, including
acclaimed artists such as Singer Mayorkun, Bisa Kdei, the legendary Ofori Amponsah,
This monumental revelation came to light in an exclusive interview with the legendary
media personality, Nathan Anokye Adissi, affectionately known as Bola Ray. Medikal
candidly shared his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to grace the stage of O2
Indigo, an achievement that has long been a dream for the star.
For Medikal, this concert represents more than just a performance; it is a testament to his
unwavering dedication and the global appeal of his music. Hailing from the vibrant town of
Sowutwom, he has risen to prominence with a distinctive style that seamlessly blends
African rhythms with contemporary hip-hop.

Planning & Plotting

With hits that resonate far beyond his homeland, Medikal has garnered a loyal international
fan base. His lyrical prowess and infectious beats have earned him a well-deserved
reputation as one of Africa's leading hip-hop artists.
The O2 Indigo, an iconic venue known for hosting some of the world's biggest musical acts,
provides the perfect backdrop for Medikal's first-ever solo show outside Ghana. This historic
event promises to be a night of electrifying performances and an unforgettable celebration
of music and culture.
Medikal's journey from the streets of Sowutwom to the grand stage of O2 Indigo is a
testament to the power of talent, perseverance, and the universal language of music. His
ability to captivate audiences transcends borders, making him a true ambassador for African
music on the global stage.
As the date approaches, anticipation for the O2 Indigo concert continues to mount, with
fans eagerly awaiting the chance to witness Medikal's live performance. This event not only
marks a pivotal moment in his career but also signifies the ever-expanding influence of
African music on the international music scene.
Stay tuned for updates on ticket availability and additional guest performers as the event
draws nearer. The O2 Indigo concert promises to be a night of musical magic that will leave
an indelible mark on the African hip-hop landscape.

Watch the full interview with Bola Ray below:

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