Meet Mr. Onomski, a Nigerian entertainer and entrepreneur causing positive change in Ghana.

Being multitasking is one of the most difficult things to do but Mr. Onomski excel at it.

He is one of the most successful Nigerian personality in Ghana changing lives and also investing in businesses and properties, creating opportunities for young individuals in Ghana.

He is the CEO of Mr. Onomski entertainment where they offer services like video production, studio rentals for podcasts and a photo studio. He is also a content creator and talk show host.

Mr. Onomski also deal in rental and sales of land under the auspice of Splendid-Property, a company he owns.

Speaking to him exclusively about what drives him as an entrepreneur, he shares his motivation.

“ Growing up I’ve always wanted to do something for myself and I find interest in media and also real estate, it’s not an easy thing to do as an individual but the drive to succeed and also create opportunities for the youth is the driving force behind my hard work. Although the journey is not smooth, with God and dedication I will get there some day”, he said.

Mr. Onomski is a family driven person, a team leader and driving force poised for making impact in the society.

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