Mixtic Blasts Lipssy (Jamila) for Sacrificing Music Career for “Date Rush” Fame


The Ghanaian music industry has witnessed its fair share of controversies and clashes, and the latest one involves the outspoken promoter Mixtic Romras and Lipssy, popularly known as Jamila from the hit TV3 dating reality show “Date Rush.” Mixtic, known for his candid opinions, took to Facebook to voice his criticism of Lipssy’s career choices.

In his Facebook post, Mixtic didn’t hold back, stating that Lipssy had seemingly sacrificed her budding music career in favor of her newfound fame from “Date Rush.” The show, which gained immense popularity for its entertaining dating dynamics, brought Jamila to the spotlight, but it seems that her focus on reality TV may have shifted her attention away from her musical aspirations.

Mixtic’s pointed commentary ignited a debate among fans and followers, with some agreeing that Lipssy’s dedication to “Date Rush” may have affected her standing within the music industry. However, others defended her, citing the tough decisions individuals often face when presented with opportunities to gain exposure and a dedicated fan base.

Responding to the criticism, Lipssy shared a post on her social media platforms announcing her return to the music scene. The singer’s announcement fueled excitement among her supporters, who have been eagerly waiting for new music from her. Lipssy’s announcement also seems to suggest that she is not ready to give up on her musical ambitions despite her participation in reality television.

Lipssy’s journey on “Date Rush” has undeniably brought her visibility and a dedicated following, but the debate surrounding her career choices raises important questions about the trade-offs individuals make when presented with opportunities that could potentially overshadow their existing pursuits.

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