New Banger: King Jerry’s “Tikitiiton”, a Smash new Hit single to stream.

Ghanaian singer King Jerry affectionately known as Rhythm Styler has released a new single “Tikitiiton” which translates “Come Let’s dance”, a single dedicated to the Muslim Community.

The danceable single after it release, has been received well by fans and has become an instant hit around the coastal areas.


Speaking to King Jerry on his latest single, he expressed his excitement about the new single and overwhelmed by the support he has received so far.

“I am very happy about the new single “Tikitiiton” and how my fans are reacting to it. A lot of influencers have started reacting to the video and it’s massive. The song is dedicated to my Muslim brothers and sisters bridging the gab between us”, the singer said.

King Jerry has many hit songs to his credit “Sankofa”, “Kokooyi”, “Wuata”, “Obaa Gbo Oshi” just to mention a few.

The singer poised to reaching every audience regardless of their language barrier and positive in crossing boundaries with his songs.

Stream “Tikitiiton” below


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