New Verna Water Comes With Vitamins & Folic Acid


Take hydration to a new height with the new Verna Active Water, available in lemon and strawberry flavours and fortified with folic acid, vitamins and electrolytes essential to keep you hydrated and active for a long time.

Verna Active Water is prized by many for its soft, balanced and gentle round flavour with lots of lemon citrus and strawberry. And it’s easy to drink by itself.
Proudly made in Ghana by industrial giant, Twellium Industrial Company, producers of Verna Mineral Water, Rush Energy Drink, Mcberry Biscuits and many more. Verna Active Water is a testament of the company’s promise to give consumers choices. With a tall list of water, non- alcoholic drinks, biscuits and more, tailored to meet the taste and preferences of consumers. This is yet another promise fulfilled against the background of its extensive experience in the beverage and water industry.

Verna Active Water is the new scientifically formulated drink with folic acid and electrolytes that come in a signature bottle and enhanced with vital vitamins to boost your immune system.
Need the right motivation and enthusiasm to face your most challenging days? Try the thirst- quenching Verna Active Water with pleasant lemon and strawberry flavour to give you the best during the day.

For anyone who lives an active lifestyle and need motivation to combat each task one step at a time. Verna Active Water is the smart choice for athletics, workers and students. 3-time bantamweight world champion, Joseph Agbeko says he drinks Verna Active Water because it contains all the essential nutrients for his active life. Verna Active Water is water for hydration, has a natural fruit flavor and best complements your active life.

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