Only the poor believes there is heaven – Ajagurajah states

In a recent appearance on UTV’s showbiz program, the renowned Ghanaian prophet and spiritual leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Ajagurajah, shared a very controversial perspective on the concept of heaven.

According to him, there exists no traditional notion of heaven as commonly believed, but rather a place called Paradise that is reserved for the people of God.

During the interview, the prophet elaborated on his belief, stating that heaven, in the traditional sense, is a sacred abode exclusively accessible to the divine angels of the Lord.

He emphasized that ordinary human beings, particularly the less privileged, tend to hold onto the notion of heaven due to their longing for a better life beyond their earthly struggles.

The prophet’s teachings shed light on an alternative interpretation of the afterlife, suggesting that Paradise serves as a destination for the faithful, who will experience a blissful existence in the presence of God.

By emphasizing this distinction, he aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the divine realm and its connection to the mortal realm.

It is important to note that these views represent the perspective of the Ajagurajah Movement and its followers, reflecting their spiritual beliefs and teachings.

The prophet’s statements encourage a reevaluation of conventional notions surrounding heaven, inviting individuals to contemplate the concept of Paradise as a destination of divine grace for those who have dedicated their lives to serving God.

“There is no one going to heaven, the word in Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, whatever you deem fit to do, do with all your might with intelligence and wisdom.

“In the era of David and Abraham, God wasn’t there, there is no concept of heaven. where did Abraham go when he died? he quizzed

“He is not coming back to take us to heaven, he is prepared a place for his people called Paradise, where there is eternal life. even the white man that propagated Christianity does not believe God is coming, they are building and inventing new things daily, and only the poor believe there is heaven”.

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