There is nothing wrong to have s3x with a menstruating lady – Counselor Lutterodt reveals

Counselor Lutterodt, a well-known marriage counselor has sparked a hot discussion after expressing his perspective on having sex with a woman during her menstruation.

Contrary to societal norms and beliefs, he argued that engaging in sexual activity with a menstruating lady is not wrong.

He further elaborated on his viewpoint, highlighting the scientific reasons and potential benefits associated with such intimate encounters.

Counselor Lutterodt emphasized that there can be a unique sense of pleasure and excitement derived from engaging in sexual activities during menstruation, particularly for women who are ovulating at that time.

He asserted that this experience could provide heightened satisfaction due to the absence of dilution from the natural lubricants and fluids present during menstruation.

“There are sexual benefits through bleeding, ‘menses’. some women ovulate during menstruation, so will you deny your partner pleasure who ovulates during bleeding?”

“There is nothing wrong with having sex during menstruation, the only discomfort is having to soil the bed”

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