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Personality Profile: Talented Creative Dancer Dancefada Seth Speaks On His Journey So Far

The choices we make certainly define our ways throughout our journey in life as far as our existence is concerned. It has been said that “where one stands today determines where they sit tomorrow” and this has been the focus of one creatively talented dancer with stage name DanceFada Seth who was born and raised in Ghana.

Professionally making his way through the creative art industry of the motherland from 2015 but making active efforts in his early age, Dancefada has seen the art of putting in moves and skillful turns as a whole career on it own and has never taken each step of his growth for granted.

In a chat-based interview with the dance idol by prolific blogger UrsTruly Praiz, he made it known that, dancing is his calling and he wakes up each day craving to be better while he grows the passion. “ dancing aside being my career focus and passion, also helps me to express how I feel and sometimes what I want to say without having to use verbal means”. Dancefada said this upon being asked why he chose the art of dancing as a career focus.

Seth has had the brightest opportunities of dancing on popular platforms like Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Top Africa Music Awards, Face Of Ghana Youth Awards as well as many mainstream event grounds in and outside Ghana.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Fiandad Ghana Car Rentals & Tour ,Verna Natural Mineral Water and many others” he added when asked some of the brands and platforms he has been associated with over time.

In as much as Dancefada Seth looks up to himself as his motivation and growth mark,one of the very enviable records he would love to keep is to work on a project with popular Poco Lee.

The question as to whether most African homes really accept such choices as Dance as the right and appropriate career path has been a difficult one to answer but it seems Dancefada Seth has had it easy. The dancer made it known that his folks have accepted and supported his choice from day one for mere reasons that it is his passion and has been another basic source of survival.

Dancefada Seth is uniquely known for his creative touch to every dance project he put out there. Unlike many dancers in the system who just go about with the tune , Seth is known for the message expression of every single lyric an artiste put on a song and this is why he is admired.

Follow him on all social media platforms as @dancefada_seth.

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