PPP Studios announces a short film for Nuhu Vyb ahead of release

Ghanaian music promotion and marketing firm, PPP Studios, is creating a buzz in the industry as they announce the release of a short film titled “Humble Beginnings.” The film is centered around their newly discovered talent, Nuhu Vyb, and serves as a precursor to his highly anticipated first single and EP releases.

Produced by PPP Studios and directed by the talented Kwame Apex of KwApex creations, “Humble Beginnings” is a documentary-style film that delves into the life and journey of Nuhu Vyb. It aims to shed light on the artist’s background, struggles, and the path that led him to his current success in the music industry. Through this film, viewers will get an intimate glimpse into Nuhu Vyb’s personal and artistic growth.

Music enthusiasts and fans can mark their calendars for the online premiere of “Humble Beginnings,” which is scheduled for the 27th of June 2023 at 7 PM. The film will be available for streaming on all PPP Studios channels, including Mixtical TV on YouTube, Mixtic FB Radio on Facebook, as well as the official PPP Studios Facebook account.

PPP Studios has been at the forefront of promoting Ghanaian music talents and has a track record of discovering promising artists. Their commitment to providing platforms for emerging musicians has garnered them a loyal following and respect within the industry. With “Humble Beginnings,” they aim to introduce Nuhu Vyb’s unique talent and story to a wider audience.

Nuhu Vyb, a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene, is set to make his mark with his first single and EP releases christened “Avalanche Ep”. The short film will serve as an introduction to his music and build anticipation among fans for his upcoming musical projects. Nuhu Vyb’s talent, combined with PPP Studios’ expertise in music promotion, is expected to create a powerful synergy that will catapult him to new heights within the industry.

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