Stream: Nuhu Vyb announces new single “Real Money Maker”

Ghanaian artiste Nuhu Vyb has released his second song “ Real Money Maker” off the Avalanche Ep.

The dancehall single is one of the most anticipated song off the Ep and is expected to do well looking at the positive signals after it release.

Announcing the new single to fans, Nuhu Vyb took to his social media handles to request for support by streaming the new single RMM.

Eyo Gud Morning Fans!
Waguan out der? Me hope seh yah all dey fine.
Mi waan inform yah all that mi second single ‘Real Money Maker’ gwaan be pon de hotline today.
Mi waan yah tuh do it fi me as yah do fi mi de first tym san me never gwaan let yah down.
Me gwaan give yah all ah big tym entertainment fraam Ghana🇬🇭🎧🎤🎵
Yah Mon, go ahead, stream da rich Sound pon all streaming platform yah know.
Make it ah hit wan san me gwaan thank yuh forever🙏
Mi Luv Yah Forever 💚
Mi Made fi Yah
Aan mi Mi gwaan die fi yah.
Come on, let’s make money together 💵💵

Stream the single below


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