Ghanaian DANCEHALL act, Shatta Wale collaborate with one American musician, Beyonce with the video of the already released song ‘Already’ video about to hit the Net.

Shatta Wale in an exclusive interview on Metro TV, was asked by Paul A. Otchere to confirm whether the release of the song ‘Already’ was true as it has hit the Net.

He said yes,he recorded his version of the pop up song in his studios here in Ghana and later went to the states to shoot the video. In fact, to feature an American musician, and no one else but a renowned one of course, Beyonce, is a great fame achieved.

“If you know what you have, you will always sit down and wait for the right time. Just as I sat and waited for Beyonce’s collaboration to happen. Now,we’ve shot the video.” And is about to be released on 1st August 2020.

Now that he’s collaborated with Beyonce, how would it affect Ghana music? He was asked and this was what he expressed his feelings to catch attention on net…..

He said, he cares not whether his collaboration with Beyonce will affect Ghana music or not. Because sometimes past he wasn’t part of VGMAS until this year, so if he’s banned sake of this,then he cares not.

“I don’t lose anything if I don’t participate in the VGMAS. Charterhouse is just making money from we, the musicians, and then take us for a ride.

VGMAS is not Grammies; I don’t lose anything if I’m no longer part. In fact I wasn’t part for sometimes until this year and I’ve been banned again, I won’t lose anything this time around too.”

Meaning,whether VGMAS or No VGMAS, “Shatta still remains Shatta Wale” as we all know him, period!

Story by Queenel GH, Agona Swedru.

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