The State Lost Interest Not Miss Osafo -Lawyer Anyenini


Lawyer Ayenenin, a supposed lawyer for Miss Patience Osafo, a lactating mother who was brutally beaten by Lance Corporal Fredrick Amanor at the Midland Savings and Loans Company limited at the Accra Shiashe branch has bemoaned on how the Accra Circuit Court discharged his client’s case.


The Accra Circuit court discharged the policeman saying Ms Patience wasn’t showing interest in the case due to her failure to appear before the court when she was notified.


However, the Lawyer said on citiFm that the court only notified her(Ms Osafo) once but she wasn’t able to attend because Miss Patience had to attend to a sick relative and after that day,the court never told them about anything on the case again.

He continued by saying that the case had been in court for 5months but the police had kept them in the dark about what was happening on the case.


Mr Anyenini later disclosed that her client, Ms Patience was unhappy about the news because it is untrue about her not being interested in the case. He also added that it is possible to put the case back since the case was discharged on a palpable falsehood.

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