Wakanow Agrees to sponsor Teens tourism and hospitality club

Wakanow a Multinational travel company will be sponsoring two teens on the day of the Inauguration to have GDS training, intern opportunity for minimum of 1week to gain work exposure and mentorship.

This flagship will help shape and give opportunity to these teens creating an atmosphere for growth and possibilities.

Teens Tourism & hospitality club targets teens between the ages of 13 to 17 is on a mission to develop new sets of generational thinkers into becoming highly respected leaders in society through skill development, mentoring and most importantly training, it is very important for our youth to be equipped and taught to have a positive mentality towards work and guided morales and ethics in society and work places and the Tthclub is ready to do just that beginning from the grand launch of club.

Wakanow partnership will not only bring hope but give real life experience to these young ones, a possibility of determination and a dream come true moments.

Wakanow Ghana helps individuals and organizations book the most affordable flights to various part of the world online and also gives a wide range of well known airlines one can choose from. Their online platforms avoids visiting a ticketing counter but gives one the opportunity to have access to all the necessary flight details at the comfort of ones home by visiting

Teens Tourism and hospitality club officially launch on August 26, 2022 and is urging everyone to take full advantage of the upcoming launch to assist participants and the organizers to set a positive agenda.

Connect with them through these contacts and make reservations 0552472633 / 0559410930 or email

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