Wakanow to provide internship opportunities for members of Teens Tourism & Hospitality Club.

Wakanow Ghana as part of their partnership program with Teens Tourism & Hospitality Club on 17th to 21st December, 2022 will offer an internship program on Google Analytics, Customer Service Training, Telephone Operation and other related activities that will equip these young ones with skills that will improve their lives.

The internship program that is geared towards capacity building will help shape their mental strength towards good working ethics and open up opportunities that will be in line with their career path. More information can be retrieved on

Preparing the the young ones for the future is one of the key foundations to a stronger economy, and human resource management which is key every growing economy has to adopt thus Teens Tourism & hospitality club targeting teens between the ages of 13 to 17 on a mission to develop new sets of generational thinkers into becoming highly respected leaders in society through skill development, mentoring and most importantly training.

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