“Watch interviews of successful artistes to learn how to handle yourself during interviews” – CEO of Raggout Studios, Kwame Apex.


CEO of raggout Kwame Apex has called on artistes to learn from successful colleagues in the game.

He has raised concerns over immaturity during interviews and how it can kill investor’s spirit if they chance on them, thus the need to communicate effectively.

According to him, artistes especially the rising ones should learn to communicate very well during interviews and put in efforts free styling their songs with ease, an act which will sell their brand to newer audience who might not be exposed to their songs.

In a post sighted on Social Media, he expressed his disappointments on the issue.

He wrote, “Watch interviews of successful artistes to learn how to handle yourself during interviews, learn how to perform your songs at every given platform. Learn how to freestyle your songs, it shouldn’t have to sound exactly like how you recorded it, remake it, so you can sell it to new audience wherever you find yourself. Create different versions of your songs”.

Raggout has been one of the few platforms projecting rising artistes, making sure their songs are heard by the right audience.

The raggout studios has flagship programs like “Hot Convo”, “Unpopular Opinion Podcast” and “Drop’Em Bars” tailored to promote rising talents and the industry at large.

Raggout is passionate about the industry and has invested a lot in various spaces of the industry.

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