The Sankofa Business Expo allows the general public to captivate Diasporan business owners and investors. Professionals, brands, business owners, etc., will have the chance to network with great personalities and an audience of Black Diasporan travelers, business owners, and investors from the United States, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, and beyond.

The event will help participants network with investors, expand their business, explore other opportunities available, and meet Diasporans.

This is an incredible way for Accra participants to see, feel, and buy organic and exclusive products made in Ghana, especially menswear, food, health and beauty, automobile display, etc. Participants can also get a chance to sit in a Kantanka car and hear from the manufacturer along with other manufacturers like Naturestherapy, CSIR Water Research Institute, a former Made in Ghana Ambassador, AdwenPa Kouture, guides from the Sankofa Journey sponsor, business growth experts from abroad, and other Ghanaian big and small companies.

It will also serve as a platform where non-Ghanaians can learn about pathways to acquire citizenship and investor their resources in Ghana. and are the main event sponsors. Both are led by University of Ghana at Legon professor Dr. Obadele Kambon from the Institute of African Studies. He and his mother, renowned psychologist Dr. Mawiyah Kambon have been making the Sankofa Journey together since 1998. It’s because of the journey that the sun moved to Ghana, became installed as chief of Akuapem Mampɔn, and has become a notable figure on hot-button cultural and historical topics.

The event Is designed to help the Diasporan business owners and investors go beyond learning about the history and really connect to pathways to make Ghana better in the present and future.

If you love food, the event has an exciting twist for you. Nkwa Dua is co-sponsoring and donating a range of free food samples to promote a healthy living initiative that runs from 1 October to 1 November.

Nkwa Dua is co-founded by 14-year-old kid chef and entrepreneur Ama Kambon, Dr. Obadele Kambon’s daughter. Chef Ama was born in the United States but is already thriving in business, even as a JHS student.

The event will also give free insight into how families can create businesses to build a legacy together. A skill many families can use given today’s economic challenges.

Interested professionals can register for the upcoming Naturally Ghanaian-Made Business Networking Event happening at the NBS Madina courtyard on the 5th of October, 2022, at 5:00 PM Sharp.

Bring complementary cards if you have them, be open to meeting new people, and be open to new opportunities.

Spaces will be available for vendors also to display their goods to the audience.

For any information or enquiry, call 0257507085 or visit for free registration.

Watch the event video on YouTube

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