20 Awesome Love Locks Locations Around The World

Love locks—padlocks typically engraved with a couple’s name and the date before being placed on bridges, fences, statues, or other installations to commemorate their indestructible bond—are a fun display of affection and a sweet symbol of your lifelong commitment to one another. While you could, in theory, place your own love lock anywhere, there are numerous installations around the world where you and your sweetheart can join countless other couples and leave behind a love lock.

The love lock tradition reportedly dates back to a Serbian World War I romance tale, but its modern popularity can be traced to the 2006 best-selling Italian novel-turned-film Ho Voglia di Te (“I Want You”) by Federico Moccia. In the book, a couple affixes a love lock to Rome’s Ponte Milvio bridge to declare their love unbreakable. Since then, enamored sweethearts have been doing the same around the world. It’s important to carefully consider where you’ll place your love lock; in recent years, many love locks have been removed specifically from bridges, as the weight of so much metal can be structurally dangerous. Rather than just place your lock anywhere, be sure to seek out an installation that’s sanctioned by locals. The last thing you’d want is to put your lock on someone else’s private property or to return to the spot in the future and find it’s been removed.

The good news? There are plenty of spots across the globe where you can add a love lock today. So, grab your own padlock, decorate it with your names and any other fun details, then lock it to a bridge, fence, or installation at one of these romantic locations around the world.

20 Love Lock Bridges Around the World

Most Ljubavi, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

Punda Love Heart, Willemstad, Curaçao

Pont des Artes, Paris, France

Father Bernatek Footbridge, Krakow, Poland

St. Maarten Causeway Bridge, Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten

Magere Brug, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Napa Valley Wine Train Love Lock Bridge, Napa, California

Makartsteg Bridge, Salzburg, Austria

Mount Huangshan, China

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Butcher’s Bridge, Ljubjana, Slovenia

Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia

Čertovka Pedestrian Bridge, Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic

Augusta Love Lock Bridge, Augusta, Georgia

Staalmeestersbrug, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Niagara Falls Love Locks Bridge, Ontario, Canada

Schenley Park Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wedding Lock Bridge, Riga, Latvia

Love Lock Sculptures, Loveland, Colorado

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