Have you wondered why Real Madrid Fc’s Stadium is called Santiago Bernabéu? Here is why!

Santiago Bernabéu was a Spanish striker who played for Real Madrid until 1926.

After hanging his boots, he would become the head coach. He was later appointed club manager and even worked as a technical assistant.

After the Spanish Civil War, the club was in ruins and it was Bernabéu who started to rebuild the club from scratch. In 1943, he was elected president, a position he held until his death on June 2, 1978.

He was a visionary and at the Hotel Ambassador in Paris he mapped out a scheme that would see the big football clubs take off in a continental exhibition tournament UEFA later became interested and designed a tournament called the European Champions Club Cup, which was later renamed League

During his time as club president, Real Madrid won one Intercontinental Cup, six European Cups, 16 league titles, six Spanish Cups, two Latin Cups and an Eva Duarte Cup. He breathed his last breath during the 1978 World Cup and FIFA decreed three day.

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