Afi Antonio foundation came to the rescue of a new mother by paying hospital bills


The Afi Antonio Foundation came to the rescue of a mother who couldn’t foot the medical bills after a successful delivery at the 37 Military hospital.

The bill amounting to 4,000 Ghana cedis was successfully paid and the mother of the new born baby was fully discharged immediately after spending weeks at the maternity ward due to the situation.

Founder of the Afi Antonio Foundation, Philomina Essinam Anthonio took to social media to express her joy fulfilling that fate and also looking forward to doing more as her foundation seeks to provide hope and also assist individuals who needs help genuinely.

She wrote on her timeline,

” I went to 37 Military Hospital to pay outstanding bills for first time mothers who have been discharged but owing.

I was told there were 2 women in need of help. Both were called and asked to come to the hospital the following day because someone wants to pay their bills.

The one in the photos I’ve posted I was told owed a bit above 4,000ghc at the maternity ward. There was another woman who owed a little above 800ghc as well.

The plan was to pay at most 1000ghc or below for 5 women but I was met with this, so I had no choice. I went the following day with money to pay for these 2 women. Something very interesting happened.

The woman who owed above 4000ghc was at the hospital as early as 7am when she was asked to be there by 9am because I was going to be there at 10am. The other woman didn’t come and wasn’t picking her calls on the day.
I was told she managed to sneak out with her baby so she thinks it’s a trap to apprehend her.

Now this is what amazed me, not knowing the woman who turned up gave birth to a premature baby so her baby was at NICU where premature babies are kept in incubators. At the time of me trying to help with her maternity bills, her baby was due to be discharged. Her baby spent almost a week there. As usual, she didn’t have money to pay for the bills at NICU so the money I would have used for the other mother who didn’t turn up, I used it to settle her bills.

She’s a Nigerian and has been in Ghana for 2yrs now. Her dad is late and mum in Nigeria.
No relatives here. She lives with a friend at Dansoman. Currently not working. She told me she used to work at some restaurant but the place got burnt so it was closed down. When I asked the whereabouts of the baby’s father, she said he asked her to abort which she refused so he abandoned her. I noticed one of her eyes can’t see so she sees with one eye.

As seen in the photos, was when I was having a conversation with her, paying her bills and in NICU to see the baby.

Mother and child were able to go home safely. I pray she finds something doing to be able to care for her son.

Support my foundation Afi Antonio Foundation to enable us reachout to more people who really need it.
No amount is too small
Any contribution can be sent to MTN Momo number 0246827858 with name Philomina Esinam Anthonio. Kindly alert me when you send a contribution so I can acknowledge receipt. Thank you
For God and Country”.

Afi Antonio foundation is non-profit organization focused on education and health of children.

They raise funds to provide Solar lamps for final year Junior High Students in villages without electricity (Solar4Girls), Pay medical bills (surgeries) for the less privileged in the society, Train children living with autism to become photo models and more. We currently have 8 models living with autism.

The foundation has over the years touched lives across the country and given hope to many individuals (all age groups), creating opportunities and building a positive mindset towards growth and self development.

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