All you have to know about Dee Wines.

Wine in Ghana has become one of the most important commodity for an occasion and getting the best of it at a moderate price is a cool deal for consumers.

One of the best location to get the best of wines is Dee Wines.

DEE Wines is located at sowutuom capital hills – off the ofankor barrier road.

Dee Wines also render services at events for all local beverages like Bissap Juice (Sobolo),Lamugee, Tiger nut milk drink, Asaana drink,pine apple juice, including palm wine Local beverages can also be ordered for large quantities for homes and supplied to retail stores.

Dee wines has the best of services and well experience customer related relation to all clients and patrons.

Dee wines can be reached on 0266597328 / 0244760074 for all purchases and delivery purposes and can see more of via Instagram @dee_wines.

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