Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams’ Son Narrates How His Father Caused His Detention And Put Him In A Psychiatric Ward.

Daniel Duncan-Williams, the son of Ghanaian preacher, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has narrated how his father caused his detention.

D-Wills said he decided to visit his girlfriend in Lagos without informing any of his family members because they wouldn’t have let him go.

According to him, he is in a very controlling family.

After reaching the Togo border, Daniel averred he was detained for about three hours. He claimed his father made a call which led to his detention by the security personnel at the border.

Following the arrival of his dad’s personal security team, Daniel Duncan-Williams stated that he was driven from the border to a hospital—with a claim that he is not mentally well.

Calling out his father, he bemoaned that this was not the way to treat his son.

Daniel pleaded for justice and freedom as he cannot go anywhere.

The son of the popular pastor has been in the news for questionable actions some time ago.

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