As a Woman You Need To Be Extra Caring To Date Me – Danny Lampo


According to the award-winning music star and footballer, being his girlfriend does not come easy, thus any woman who wishes to be in a relationship with him must have tough skin and the ability to withstand hatred from a section of the public

The Berkshire King Of Afrobeat made made this clear during his interview over the weekend:

“Even tho I am going out with someone but trust me she’s not finding it easy at all… Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult.

You should have tough skin to date me…Currently, women, girls, everyone including men want to have one person to themselves…If you wanna have me to yourself, it’s gonna take some sacrifices because people won’t just allow you to. They won’t allow you to have Lampo all for yourself. You’ll get a lot of haters… people are gonna hurt you, they will come at you,” he said.

According to him his current girlfriend takes extremely good care of him, much like his mother did, and as a result, his mother has become quite fond of her.

He said, “I’ve come across so many ladies, but nobody has truly lasted this long like my current girlfriend has.”

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