Sad! Pogba dropped from Juve Europa Squad.

French Midfielder Paul Pogba dropped by Juventus for their Europa League game due to disciplinary reasons, per multiple reports.

From sources gathered, Paul Pogba was excluded from the squad for disciplinary reasons, after he was late for the camp yesterday.

The report have generated some controversies and fans seem furious about the player’s behavior over the years and are expectant of his retirement sooner.

These are some few comments gathered after the exclusion.

He should just retire.. he’s finished. I’d be surprised if any big team will ever want him near them again.

Mourinho once said that “Paul Pogba is a virus”🦠

Finished player. All he cares about is what hairstyle he gonna do everyday

Raw Talent Wasted. Smh!
Doesn’t look like a footballer to me anymore 🙃

Is he still playing football ? He is a waste of talent. Why don’t he just retire ?

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