“Bola Ray will one day become the President of Ghana” ~ Bishop Adonteng Boateng Prophecies


In the midst of today’s Sunday Service at Divine World International Ministries, His Excellency Bishop Adonteng Boateng stood before the congregation to deliver a profound prophecy to none other than Ghanaian Ace Broadcaster, Bola Ray of Starr FM, Accra.

Interestingly, Bola Ray shares a classroom history with renowned Gospel Musician Uncle Ato, adding a unique layer to the prophetic revelation.

With unwavering conviction, Bishop Adonteng Boateng declared that Bola Ray is destined to ascend to the highest office in Ghana as its President.

This bold proclamation reverberated through the sanctuary, prompting Bishop Adonteng Boateng to implore Ghanaians to unite in fervent prayer for Bola Ray’s journey towards fulfilling this divine destiny.

Bishop Adonteng Boateng

Such a prophecy ignites hope and curiosity, inviting contemplation on the intersection of faith, destiny, and the future of Ghana’s leadership.

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