Bukom Mama and Agoo Group (band) Tours Germany and Austria



Celebrated Ghanaian dancer Bukom Mama and the Agoo group had a tremendous impact in Europe, performing in the top two festivals in Germany and Austria.

Agoo group lead by Kofi Quarahie left Ghana for Emmendingen, a town in Baden-Württemberg, capital of the district Emmendingen of Germany to perform at the Afrikaba festival, Europe biggest event for African Music and Culture.

Artistes from 56 countries of Africa and the Caribbean have performed so far and about 2 million visitors have heard, seen and tasted the cultural wealth of the African continent.

Away from Germany, the group left for Vienna in Austria at the Afrika Tage wien.

The festival offers concerts, shows, a bazaar, 100 workshops, culinary delights and a creative children’s program.

With African flair, great music, lots of dancing, international artistes and a colourful bazaar, with celebrations on the Danube Island.

The group shared the same stage with renowned Jamaica artiste Burning Spear and Global recognized band Inner Circle.

Their performances were noted by many and had a lot of impact judging from applause received from each performance in both countries ( Germany & Austria).

The Agoo group have equally performed on several occasions and in different countries across the world.

Bukom Mama is the current band leader of Akwaaba Ensemble— an all-female band which recently toured Germany from December 2022 to February, 2023.

In addition to managing Akwaaba Ensemble, he has also been the lead choreographer and dancer of Shidaa Cultural Enterprise since 2002.

Mr Marquaye has featured as a guest dancer in many national and international events including the opening of the 2008 African Cup of Nations Tournament in Accra

He performed with Peace Cultural Troupe at the Dubai Circus Fiesta, Dubai-UAE in July 2015 and the Waterpark Eid Festival in Dubai, UAE with Peace Cultural Troupe in 2016.

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