Davido confirms he will be performing in Ghana this December

Nigerian superstar Davido has announced that he will be performing in Ghana in December 2023, and the anticipation among his fans is soaring.


During a recent interaction with his followers, Davido responded to queries about his much-awaited visit to Ghana. According to him the timeless tour bus will finally make its stop in the country, and fans are eagerly counting down the days.
Fans in Ghana are buzzing with excitement about Davido’s upcoming performance. However, there is some skepticism among Ghanaians due to a past incident involving Wizkid. Last year, Wizkid was supposed to headline a concert in Ghana but failed to show up, leaving about 5,000 disappointed fans waiting for almost 12 hours.
Despite this previous incident, Davido reassures his fans in Ghana that he is committed to delivering an electrifying and unforgettable performance. His successful world tour has already showcased his dedication to his fans worldwide, and he is determined to make his stop in Ghana a memorable one.
As the countdown to December 2023 begins, Ghanaian fans eagerly await the arrival of the music sensation.

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