I have no problem with my liver, people misinterpreted my ‘I lied song’ – KiDi speaks

In a recent interview with Cookie Tee on TV3 NewDay show, talented Ghanaian afrobeats and high-life singer/songwriter, Dennis Nana Dwamena, widely known as KiDi, addressed the misconceptions surrounding his controversial song, ‘I lied’.

The multi-award-winning artist clarified that the song’s true concept had been misunderstood.

KiDi exposed the falsehoods surrounding rumors about him suffering from liver problems, revealing that his hospital visits were, in fact, related to therapy.

With this revelation, he aimed to set the record straight and put an end to the speculations that had been circulating.

The Lynx Entertainment signee went on to explain that the core theme of his song, ‘I lied’, delves into how people cope with difficult situations and tough times in their lives.

He emphasized that behind closed doors, many individuals experience moments of vulnerability and break down in tears, contrary to the strong front they present to the world.

By sharing the true meaning behind ‘I lied’, KiDi hoped to shed light on the importance of understanding and compassion towards others, as everyone battles their own struggles and internal battles, even when they may seem fine on the outside.

This candid revelation from the popular singer brings depth and perspective to his music, fostering a deeper connection with his audience.

KiDi said;

“Art is open to interpretation. I admit I did a song and said ‘If I show you my liver, you go take me to prayer’. That is open to interpretation but I actually never said I have a liver problems.

”The song is about the duality of life where people cry in the night because they are dealing with their own drama and wake up in the morning, put up a smile and go about their daily activities. That was the theme of the song.”

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