Don’t be deceived, Hookup and prostitution are the same – Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Media personality, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, says hookup culture is a clear form of prostitution.

According to her, regardless of the fanciful names – hookups or slay queens – individuals offer casual sex in return for a fee or favour.

The marriage counsellor made these comments as a guest hostess on the 6th Sense Show on Joy Prime.

“It is prostitution. Crystal clear prostitution, and you can’t say anything about it. Then there’s the threesome and the foursome. The lady alone can hook the guys. It has gone to the next level,” she said.

There are concerns over the practise of hooking up girls and boys in our society and how it is eroding Ghanaian values.

Despite being a criminal offence in Ghana, people are finding ways and means to engage in illegal activity for various reasons.

Akumaa Mama Zimbi said prostitution takes different forms, and one does not need to be in an obscure location or wait until the night to be able to engage in the act.

She mentioned that hookups are largely done on social media and that the proliferation of cell phones, websites, and hookup apps has modernised the practice, which is gradually gaining popularity in Ghana.

The guest hostess revealed instances where ladies are flown to Dubai just for one-night stands, as well as hookup girls taking their trade into churches to lure unsuspecting pastors.

“We even have those who go to the church places and then lure some of the pastors who are not really godly. Their dressing alone; their makeup alone; and the kind of perfume…I will see the man of God after church for consultation’ and if you don’t know God and you’re not strong, in your office, that lady, that woman, will rape you beautifully, nicely, and romantically,’ the host of Adom TV’s Odo Ahomaso Show indicated.

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