Ghanaian gospel artist Michael Ayekoo Smith releases an inspiring album “Victory Walk.” – Listen


Ghanaian Gospel music veteran Michael Ayekoo Smith, known for his profound contributions to the music industry, has released his highly anticipated album, “Victory Walk.” The album, which became available in stores worldwide on September 12, 2023, marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

“Victory Walk” is a musical masterpiece, featuring ten soul-stirring tracks that resonate with the spirit of worship and praise. With songs like “Friends in Worship,” “Victory Walk,” and “Messiah I Am,” Michael Ayekoo Smith takes listeners on a spiritual journey, reflecting on life’s challenges and celebrating the triumphant walk with Jesus.

Michael Ayekoo Smith, a media veteran with over 25 years of experience in the music industry, transitioned from his early career as a radio personality on Groove FM, Peace FM, and Choice FM to become a devoted Christian worshiper. His dedication to spreading the message of Christ and winning souls through music is evident in every note of “Victory Walk.”

Notably, Michael Ayekoo Smith played a pivotal role in shaping the Ghanaian music landscape. He is credited with the discovery of the legendary Ghanaian music group VIP and introduced the likes of Mahoney Pee and Reggie Rockstone to the Ghanaian public through his distinctive style interviews. Furthermore, Michael has lent his songwriting talents to numerous artists, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Married with children, Michael Ayekoo Smith’s maiden gospel album, “Victory Walk,” is a testimony to his life’s journey, filled with both trials and triumphs. The album conveys a message of faith, resilience, and the ultimate victory found in Jesus Christ.

Michael Ayekoo Smith’s impact extends beyond the gospel genre. He has also ventured into the secular music world with albums like “Let’s Go Hi-Life” and “Tadi Electric,” featuring Sassquard of the Hiplife era in Ghana. In the 1990s, he played a pivotal role in Ghana’s circular music scene, earning several awards for “Best Ghanaian Music Promoter.”

Among his many accolades, Michael Ayekoo Smith has received awards such as the Ecrag Highlife Presenter Award (1997), Ebony Awards Top Highlife Presenter at KNUST (1996), Anansekrom Canada Award, OBibini Awards, and Afrique Awards in Ivory Coast, to name a few.

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“Victory Walk” is a testament to Michael Ayekoo Smith’s enduring passion for music and his unwavering faith. This album promises to inspire, uplift, and touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.



About Michael Ayekoo Smith:

Michael Ayekoo Smith is a Ghanaian Gospel musician and media veteran with over two decades of experience in the music industry. He is renowned for his contributions to Ghanaian music, having discovered and promoted several influential artists. “Victory Walk” is his debut gospel album, showcasing his dedication to spreading the message of Christ through music.

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