“I know South Americans love African music and patronise our songs a lot” – Trigmatic talks on Ghana-Nigeria comparison

Over the last few years, the comparison between the Ghana music industry and its Nigerian counterpart has heightened, often drawing major debate on social media. Fans and industry players have both tried to decipher, why the Nigerian music industry seems to be growing faster than the Ghanaian industry.

However, Ghanaian musician, Trigmatic, has opined that the focus should not be on competing with Nigeria, but to extend reach to other countries.

According to Trigmatic, in a new interview with Graphic Showbiz, there’s a lot of potential to market music and make returns in other countries “and that should be our target instead of pitting Nigerian musicians against ours.”

The “My Life” hitmaker believes that the comparison between Ghana and Nigeria is becoming a bit too much, and it’s time Ghanaian musicians focus on other markets to extend their reach.

They need to move to countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Korea and make their music known to their new fans there. I know South Americans love African music and patronise our songs a lot.”

“So for instance, Kuami Eugene could target that area and make himself relevant to the citizens over there and trust me, he will make it in no time and will be very rich as well. We need to have collaborations with artistes from these countries and get promoters to push our songs there,” he said.

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