I lied, I never had a liver disease or stroke – Kidi breaks silence

It started off with reports suggesting that he was down with a stroke after he announced that he was suspending his much-anticipated GoldenBoy North American tour which was supposed to start on Wednesday, March 1, and run until March 19, 2023.

KiDi and his team came out to categorically shoot down these rumors and set the records straight on his health status.

Just when the narrative was changing, KiDi released his first single for 2023 which is titled ‘I Lied’.

In the song, the lyrics suggested that someone was not ok and that the said person was battling a liver disease — something a lot of people who listened to the song associated with KiDi since he was the one singing the song.

Well, in the latest interview, the Lynx Entertainment signee granted Sika Osei on her show known as ‘Unstripped’. KiDi emphatically stated that he neither had a stroke nor any liver diseases.

He further clarified that the lyrics of his latest song ‘I Lied’ is for everyone fighting a silent health battle and not his personal story.

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