Yaw Dabo Finally Discloses His Real Age and people are in shock

Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo has revealed his real age in an interview.

Speaking to a journalist in Spain after Real Madrid’s draw against Manchester City during the first leg of the semi-final face-off for the 2022/2023 champions league season, Yaw Dabo mentioned his age.

While speaking emotionally about the high chances Madrid had to qualify against City, the journalist appeared shocked about how someone who looked like a small boy will speak with so much confidence and facts.

The journalist was tempted to ask about his age and out of nowhere, Samuel Yaw Dabo disclosed that he is twenty-four (24) years old currently.

People who have watched him on TV either in movies or heard him speak during interviews have wondered whether he is just a small boy or a full-grown man who is just diminutive.

Dabo was given the nickname ‘adwene k3sea’, to wit, someone who has a lot of wisdom some time ago because he appeared too wise for someone who looks like a child.

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