I wanted to be a nurse but my father’s absence destroyed my plans – Nana Ama Mcbrown reveals

Nana Ama McBrown has given a clue of what her life would have been if her father was present whiles she grew up.

In an interview with Berla Mundi, McBrown stated that if her father had not been absent in her life, she could’ve had the right education and perhaps become a certified nurse.

But looking at how her life turned out, the popular screen goddess said she doesn’t regret taking a different career path.

“Maybe if he had been in my life, I would have probably been a nurse at Sewhi, or maybe a nurse in my hometown, Asuom. Which is okay, I’ll earn a salary alright. But I am sure every nurse wants to have my position now, I am sure my friends and sisters in my hometown would want to be like me now. So, I won’t change who I am for anything.

“Ghanaian children we have tried because most of us grew up in a home without a father and our mothers were too busy. We don’t even have a family that pray in the morning. You might have to fight your way and discover your skills yourself when you become a teenager. When it happens like that the children become burdened,” she stated.

McBrown who did not know her father until recently said she has finally reconciled with him and they are currently building a good relationship.

“I didn’t know him; I grew up with my mum and aunties. But we are okay now. I have forgiven him and we are very fine. You know, in this life, we must forgive. Since we have reconciled, I don’t want to hurt him so I won’t say much about it,” she stated.

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