“I was spiritually attacked” – Mzbel goes deep into the cause of her poor performance saga

Veteran Ghanaian female diva, Mzbel, has attributed her poor performance at the just-ended Afrochella which received severe condemnation on the internet to spiritual attacks from her enemies.

Describing Mzbel’s performance as poor is actually an understatement because words can’t describe her ‘trashy performance’ as confirmed by her in her apology message.

Speaking in a recent interview, Mzbel claimed that she was not herself during the performance.

Going deep into what actually happened, Mzbel alleged that she was spiritually attacked.

Mzbel additionally disclosed that before going to the concert, a man of God forewarned her of some spiritual plot to disgrace her and was supposed to perform some purification before going to perform.

She confessed that she refused to take the pastor’s caution seriously because she doesn’t believe in pastors or religious authorities.

Unfortunately, the pastor’s warning was true and before she could say, Jack, she had already been posted by the evil spirit that was sent to attack her.

In her own words;

“Before I went to the show, a prophet called me and said he was a fan, and claimed that he has seen in a vision that there was orchestration in the spiritual realm to disgrace me on that show. But I didn’t listen to his advice because of my encounters with pastors. So, I didn’t pick up his calls again.

“I should have been aware that the energy around me at the time had been manipulated because I’m a spiritual person and a lot of people have called me to confirm that what happened is spiritual,”

The 16-years-hitmaker performed so terribly that her disappointed fans took to social media to register their displeasure.

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