Legend Amakye Dede talks deep into the inspiration behind his hit song “To be a man na wah”

Highlife legend, Amakye Dede, has revealed that his experiences in Nigeria during his early years inspired his popular track ‘To be a man na wah‘.

Speaking on Joy FM, the multiple award-winning artiste said that he travelled to Africa’s most populous country during his youthful years to make a living.

Amakye Dede explained that life there was not easy, adding aside from working odd jobs he was part of a band that played at hotels to make money.

He stated that in those times Nigeria was expelling Ghanaians from their country.

According to him, he and the band had played a show in a hotel one night.

But when they woke up the following morning, about 80 hotels, including the ones they played at, had been burnt down.

He noted that the fire also destroyed their instruments.

The singer added that one night he heard a knock on his door and was shocked to see one Ghanaian who had been stabbed with a glass and was bleeding profusely.

This and many others, Amakye Dede said, influenced their decision to move back to Ghana albeit empty-handed adding “you had to run for your life.”

He stated that as he says in the ‘To be a man na wah‘ song, Nigeria taught him that it was not easy being a man and making a living.

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