The Rush For “Latest” Songs Killing the music Industry – DJ Toxic


Prolific radio presenter, disc jockey, and
MC Stephen Frimpong Ansu popularly known as DJ  Toxic has addressed a major issue
affecting Ghana’s music industry.


According to him, the rush for new songs
is killing the music industry, making
most older musicians irrelevant in the
music industry.


DJ Toxic stated on his social media  that, in the past, artists would release songs /albums once every year or two, allowing the songs to perform at their
peak, but the narrative has changed.


Even though there are new dynamics, he mentioned that the intervals at which
musicians release songs has changed the
consumption status.

Most new tracks achieve hit status but
generate so little impact because
the general populace
are always looking for new releases of
artists, so a song released in less than 6 months becomes an old song,” he explained.


He emphasized that at events, people
always look forward to releases between
three months and a week because most artists these days are in a hurry to release

He stressed on how lack of proper orientation and industry structures, inexperienced Dj’s has flooded the system and most of them feel you became the best when you are the first to play new releases.

DJ Toxic, on the other hand, advised new
artists to give their songs time to digest before releasing new material.

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson /Virgin Blogger

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