Meet the outstanding brand influencer of our time, Birdie de influencer.

Over the years brand influencers have played vital roles in content marketing and has become part of the value chain in product and service marketing.

Birdie de influencer is one of the few individuals who has taken waves with outstanding achievements and contributed a lot in partnering with brands through strategic niche survey.

Mary Bridget Eshun-Rhule, also known as Birdie de influencer, is a 21 year old and a student of St. Louis College of Education, driving brands to meet their prospective consumers through online business promotion by hosting unboxing videos, create videos of using products and giving reviews of products after use.

She’s also specialized in promoting business through her niche and also grow contacts for status viewers.

Speaking to her exclusively about her journey, she hints on the ups and down as an influencer and how it is guiding her steps as she works with recognized brands.

“It’s very difficult coming up with strategic content to satisfy consumers’ needs, and sometimes clients are difficult to deal with, but these are all human behaviors, and I understand. The journey hasn’t been too easy, but with my passion I’m still making an impact to see businesses grow. I am very professional with my work and looking forward to working with top international brands, thus the need for me staying positive and working passionate in succeeding”.

Birdie de influencer is one of the best growing brand influencers in products/service advertising.

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