Mixtic RomRas admonishes parents to give their children the needed support to build on their talents.

Popular Ghanaian talent manager and producer Abdul Nasr Awal aka Mixtic in an exclusive interview on Ghana Broadcasting corporation (GBC) news,  stressed on the need for parents to support their wards to explore more on their talents and give them the needed push they deserve.

According to the entertainment guru, it is very important parents spend time with their wards especially on weekends to help groom, and giving them the opportunities needed in exhibiting their God giving talents.

Mixtic also stressed on the need for artist to get mangers see into their affairs. “It’s very important for artists to get mangers but some of them feel it is of no use but would want to run independently”. He stated that nobody can run his affairs independently, everyone will need someone to work on some aspects of his/her career.

Mixtic over the years have been a critique of some happenings in the creative art industry and has suggested some measures that can be adopted by the industry fathers to see the growth everyone is expecting.

He has been more emphatic on the need for artists to work on their branding and various way one can explore in getting their craft recognized.

In recent times, Mixtic has written a lot of pieces on his Facebook wall addressing issues of the Ghana-Naija banter and what Ghanaian artists should be doing instead of fighting their fellow Nigerian brothers. He also gave out instances and references on how Music has evolved globally and the need for the Ghanaian Creatives to take advantage of it.

Mixtic have won couple of awards to his credit and respond to the nickname Romantic Rasta or Pimpim Police.

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