MrHanson Is A Greedy Guy – Critics Of Next Top Actor

Joseph K B Hanson is an Radio Producer/Host on RainbowRadio87.5 and a Master of Ceremony also know in the media circle as *MrHanson* he has Mc shows like the Sist Afia’s Queen Solomon Ablum Lunch at the West Hills Mall and The Rufftown Record new signage Wendy’s Live in Concert at the Labadi Beach

Currently in a reality show on The Biggest Media Platform in Ghana Media General Network (TV3) *TheNextTopActor*, this to build up new talent in the Movie  industry to take over from the old ones.

News going about social media is that MrHanson is not in good terms with some of the contestants and as such use other spiritual powers in order to keep him in the competition. Others are in the view that he is very arrogant, very rude when he is being confronted with an issue.
Social media critics have described him to be a greedy guy that  will stand at all cost to get what he want.

But he (MrHanson) has come out to voice out that he is at good terms with his fellow competitors in the house and as such he is a Christian with *GRACE CHAPLE INTERNATIONAL SPINTEX BRANCH* and does not subject himself to idol worship since it is against his faith, he then said, this is a plot of some people who have seen his talent and bright future and what to bring him down at all cost so the general public should debunk such news

He said
I want to appeal to friends and family and loved ones that this news going around is false and all that  knows me knows am very hard working and very optimistic about my dreams, so I entreat all who you are reading to help me spread the word of Truth to all that *#MrHansonisclean* so we can bring the plans of the enemy to foolishness.
And finally I want to ask you to keep Supporting me in the competition and all your advice are welcome if u see me doing something wrong
God Bless You
Keep Supporting MrHanson

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