MSMQ2023: Legon Presec beat Achimota School and Opoku Ware to clinch 8th Trophy

Presec Legon, also known as Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School, has emerged as the winners of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) for the 8th time. The prestigious competition, which showcases the brilliance of secondary school students in science and math, took place in Accra, Ghana beating Opoku Ware senior high school and Achimota school.

Benedict Partey Dortey and Seliman Kofi Mortey displayed exceptional knowledge and expertise in various scientific and mathematical fields, outshining their competitors from other schools. With their outstanding performance, they proved once again why they are considered one of the top schools in the country.

The school’s victory brings immense pride and honor to the students, teachers, and alumni of Presec Legon. It reflects the dedication and hard work put in by both the students and their teachers in preparing for the competition.

The NSMQ is a highly anticipated event in the Ghanaian education system, with schools from all regions of the country competing for the ultimate prize. It provides a platform for students to showcase their intelligence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Presec Legon’s consistent success in the NSMQ is a testament to their commitment to excellence in academics and the nurturing of talent in science and math. It also serves as an inspiration to other schools and students, encouraging them to strive for greatness in their academic pursuits.

The school’s achievement in winning the NSMQ for the 8th time highlights their dominance in the competition and cements their position as one of the leading educational institutions in Ghana. It reinforces the school’s strong academic reputation and further motivates them to maintain their high standards in the years to come.

Presec Legon’s triumph in the NSMQ is a remarkable accomplishment and a source of pride for the entire Presec community. It serves as a reminder that with dedication, hard work, and a passion for learning, success is attainable.

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