Music: Euni Melo x Sika Pelli – Nkyinam prod by AeRecords

Euni Melo drops her second single , This time round the Lyrical Layaness collaborates with the High life gem Sika Pelli on a song titled Nkyinam, an inspirational song to uplift the spirit of some individuals striving to make things happen in their lives.

Euni Melo released her maiden single Titled Obaanami in January which got lots of music lovers in a very mixed reaction regarding her abilities, as compared to Rihanna by her close friends, Euni Melo has more to prove and nothing less is expected of her after a super delivery on her first single.

The Nkyinam song is Euni Melo’s first song recorded in the twi language a language she is not very comfortable speaking, and is a song targeted towards all music lovers who wish for songs that they can play at every occasion

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