My Secular Songs are more inspirational than Gospel, No profanity – Nana Hemaa lyrical


The Rap Gun , Nana Hemaa lyrical revealed on Radio one FM with Bishop Agbey on the Ayekoo drive that she does more inspirational songs than many Gospel songs because music is not only about the genre but the message.

Nana Hemaa lyrical who grew up as an Adventist begun her singing in church and switched to rap, something she said many of her church colleagues criticize her for, but she said she often don’t pay attention to such critics because her songs are often more inspiring than the Gospel songs because she doesn’t use profane lyrics in her songs.
“Music is about the message and not the genre, if the message is right, it can perform the same task a Gospel music would do or even better” she said.

The Oseikrom based rapper has been active in recent times with back to back releases like odo, pen and most recently nipa y3 bad.
She is looking foward to claiming the rap throne from Eno and rule longer.

Watch her interview below

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