Nanasei hit hard at government with his controversial song dubbed “Question”.

Influential Ghanaian musician Patrick Osei popularly known in Showbiz as Nanasei is out with a controversial song dubbed “Question”.

According to him, the song is to draw the government’s attention on some promises made to the Ghanaian populace and if those promises are being fulfilled.

“The song is not to make the ruling government unpopular but these are legitimate questions every Ghanaian want to ask the government so I am using my craft(music) to put these questions out there for it to be analyzed critically by our leaders”, Nanasei made this assertion on Amanie 93.3fm when asked the inspiration behind this tune.

Why are we not hearing about Wayome’s case anymore? Why is party’s secretary salary more than teachers? Are there jobs available or people deliberately don’t want to work? These are few legitimate questions captured from the song “Question”.

Listen to Question via the link


Nanasei also urged the government to look at strikes, unemployment, corruption, murder cases and daily rise of fuel prices for they are major concerns bothering Ghanaians.


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