Okodie Foundation and Agogo Hospital to Organize Blood Donation & Free Health Screening


The Okodie Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to improving healthcare in underserved areas, is teaming up with the Agogo Hospital to hold a blood donation and health screening event.

CEO of Okodie Foundation who is aspiring
to be the Assembly man for Asante Akyem Agogô, new town Emmanuel Sarkodie aims to provide free health check-ups to the local community and create awareness about the importance of preventive care.

According to him, the free health screening event will enable individuals to receive much-needed medical attention, ensuring that any potential health issues can be identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Through this initiative, the people of Asante Akyem Agogô,will have the opportunity to consult with medical professionals who can conduct tests, provide medical advice, and recommend any necessary intervention or treatment.

The screenings may include blood pressure measurement, blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes, as well as examinations for common conditions such as respiratory or gastrointestinal problems.

Moreover, this initiative not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs of the community but also fosters long-term benefits.

The event is happening on 16th December at Agogo Newtown Astroturf.

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