“Rebbel Ashes Takes the Stage at Gent Festival, Celebrating Afrobeat Music in Belgium”


Ghanaian multi-award-winning artiste Rebbel Ashes recently performed at the Gentse Feesten (Gent Festival) in Belgium for the first time. The Gent Festival is a musical festival that normally happens in Belgium, and this year’s edition was the first time Afrobeat was focused on. Some of the Afrobeat artistes who graced the show include “Akodaa” hit maker Kwame MülZz, Rebbel Ashes, YourBoi Black, Kuejo Blaq, Jeremiah Jackson, Svn, Ray Blaze, among others.

Rebbel Ashes is known to be one of the most talked-about musicians in Europe, with several hit songs to his credit. He recently released “Good Morning,” which became a monster hit across Africa and Europe. Rebbel Ashes is set to release a new single titled “Obolobo,” which is slated to be officially out on the 4th of August 2023.

It was an amazing show, and it’s great to see Afrobeat music being celebrated in Belgium. Rebbel Ashes is a very talented artiste, and it’s no surprise that he was invited to perform at the Gent Festival. His recent hit song “Good Morning” has been making waves across Africa and Europe, and I’m sure his fans can’t wait to hear his new single “Obolobo.” It’s always exciting to see artists push the boundaries of their genre and bring their music to new audiences.

Rebbel Ashes’ performance at the Gent Festival was electric. The crowd was in high spirits as he took to the stage, and his energy was infectious. He performed some of his biggest hits, including “Good Morning,” “Wosop,” and “Medi Sika.” The audience sang along to every word, and it was clear that Rebbel Ashes has a huge following in Belgium.

The Gent Festival is known for its diverse range of music, and the inclusion of Afrobeat this year was a welcome addition. It’s clear that the organizers are committed to bringing diverse and exciting music to Belgium, and the inclusion of Rebbel Ashes and other Afrobeat artistes is a testament to that. The festival is a great opportunity for music lovers to discover new sounds and experience different cultures.

Overall, the Gent Festival was a huge success, and it’s clear that the organizers are committed to bringing diverse and exciting music to Belgium. The inclusion of Afrobeat.

Check Out Good Morning By Rebbel Ashes

(Gent Festival Performance)

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