This is a must-read article for everyone on the street and those that are really going through hill in the hands of their friend. To the youth, widows, the abused children. One thing I want you to know is that, there is hope for everyone. All you have to do is just trust the Lord.


INTRODUCTION: Before anything happen in life, you ought to look at yourself and asked yourself what is going on with me? Sometimes it is very difficult to deal with life when things are not going your way. But then one thing you have to know is that, life is up and down. Of which you have to be bold to standfast and give it all your best. Some people have been through a lot and think that is the end of life, but mind you that, that is not the end of life but rather boost yourself and start all over again. Give yourself the second chance and get yourself back to the track. There is a popular says that goes that “the down fall of a man is not the end of his life” and by this statement I will entreat everyone to be courageous in life and fight life to it very last.
Life is a journey and everyone who is born onto the planet earth has to embark on that journey to it end. The journey is not that easy but when you are determining, you will surely prevail. The uncertainty of events that happens in our life can cost us a lot but it prudent if you can look back on what you do and make it possible for the life of yourself and that of the people that are looking out to you. Don’t forget that whatsoever you do and whatever you are going through, you are a beckon of home to someone and I think that alone should guide you when making decision in life.
If you always want to think about what you are going through and give up hope, trust me life is going to be more bitter for you as far as you are still living and my last advice to you in the introduction is that, never think that, committing suicide is an option to anything that you are going through in life. Because suicide is never a solution and it can never be a solution. But rather bond yourself with faith and hope that something would surely come out from somewhere.

CAUSES OF THE CHALLENGERS WE ARE FACING: Whatsoever we are facing as individual is a result of somethings that either we did not do well or the superiors did not do well. And some of these causes are as follows:
• LACK OF UNEMPLOYMENT: Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges that confront the whole world, even the U.S.A have their fair share when it comes to unemployment but then some of the countries are trying their best to tackle the ganga of unemployment. But as to how they are going to tackle that, is also another issues.
Due to these unemployment rate, both the young and the old are fighting for the little things that are available to them. Now because of these the work that our parents are supposed to do, to keep us going, have become problem and they really find it extremely difficult to meet the needs of the children in the house. Sometimes these unemployment issues even bring about broken homes and single parenting. Because of the inability of the parents not been able to meet the needs of the children, the children are force to hit the street for a greener pasture elsewhere. Some of the needs that force the children into whatsoever that they are doing is payment of school fees, food, shelter and co.
There have been a lot of private sector business in the country to help reduce the unemployment that has become headache of the country by building companies all over the country just to be able to reduce these margins. With the effort of these private sectors, it is prudent the government of the day would help the private sector to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country by giving them aid in terms financial support.
• RURAL URBAN-MIGRATIONS: The rural urban-migration is becoming rampant in the country, and it needs to be address as soon as possible before it gets out of hand. But the question one would ask is what brings about the migration? The rural urban-migration is as a result of the same unemployment issues that we have talk about but then that is not the only reason why people really want to come to the city other factors to, come to play as far as migration is concern in the country.
Some travel from one place to the other in search of peace and harmony. For instances the conflict that happen between the Kokomba’s and that of the Anufor in the northern region last year has made a whole lot of people travel from their home town to others areas for peace. Others things got to do with school and that very important to talk about. If you take a look at things that is going on, you will know that, some part of the country doesn’t even have one classroom block of school building standing. So, in search of this the student are force to leave their various places or homes to get access to education because they are so much determined to make sure they get access to education.
I think when there is a peace and harmony in all the regions and equally employment rate in the country, there migration rate would surely come down. Also, there should be equal distribution of the national cake for the young people to be able to stay in their home town.
• ILLITERACY: When the illiteracy becomes phenomenal, and we think it should happen like it is happening, then things become complicated for us as a nation because the illiterate would not listen to whatsoever you tell them not because they aren’t ready to listen, but because they don’t understand what you are trying to tell them. This illiteracy rate goes up because, our brothers and sister need our help to build themselves but no one is ready to give them that kind of help.
Some of these people lost everything they have and believe that one day someone can come to their aid but their faith would yield to nothing because it seems everyone is busy minding their own business than to help an innocent person. Now these illiterates would have to travel to make a living. And the city become congested, somewhere to sleep is a problem, what to do becomes the major headache so the best option is for them to either hawk or steal from people which can also result in death should they be caught.

IS LIFE WEALTH LIVING? Sometime most of these young and old in the society think life is not wealth living for and that it would have been better if they take their own life than to go through whatsoever, they are going through. The maltreatment some of these people have been in life, should they tell you, you will be surprise. These treatments are still ringing bell in their ears and that should anything of such happening again it becomes very serious for them to deal with.
Is life wealth living, is something that have been running through the mind of the people who have been through such a hardship treatment from others and thinking that they have nothing living for. Now because most of these people didn’t get access to education and vocation training, getting employment becomes problematic to them. About 80% of these people thinks because they are not working, and things are really bad today, it means that is going to be like that forever but it never so.
One thing you have to know is that there is a lot to leave for. Where you are today, is someone’s prayer request so don’t ever give up in life, because life is full of drama and a lot is to be expected from it. I have seen young people that think there is nothing good to come from me again. I personal was one person who have also gone through that stage of thinking if life is wealth living for. If you look at things’ family do to you, the neglect, the rejection, the feel of loneliness and etc. can even make you take your own life. trust me I have been in the stage where I think the whole world is against me.
But trust me there is an answering praying God who always listen to the voice of the voiceless and make a way for them. So, what you are going through shouldn’t be the end of your life stand up and become a champion fight for what is right and make it work for you in a Godly manner, don’t listen to people would or think about you. Thank God Stacy M. Foundation have come to stay. The Foundation is set to give the less privilege the chance to also get a formal training to begin something for their lives and I encourage you to get yourselves involve and make a good use of the foundation. Is because of you that is why she established the foundation and therefore let be courageous in our life and make good live of the life we have.
It is not easy for someone to say that am setting up a foundation that would give a free vocational training. One thing you have to also know is that, no one knows what tomorrow would bring so don’t jump into conclusion by saying that there is nothing living for.

WHO CAN BE OF HELP? The question of who can be of help seems have got a way in all my article. That tells you how important that is and how we should take a critical look at it. Life is full of ups and downs and therefore it is important that we look at for people that can be of help to us.
I recall when I was in school and there was nothing to take to school, in terms of fees and books. But I recall that time there was no one to call and even if I did there was an excuse from one person to the other. Everyone is just busy doing their own thing and it is important to noted that helpers are few but when it comes make good use of it. Sometimes there are a lot of people in the country and also elsewhere who just want to hear someone’s voice telling them is okay and they would believe and continue their journey but such people are very hard to fine.
Someone is by this time thinking suicide is the only option to end everything that is happening to him or her, but the true is that you are not the only person in this. Most of us have also been through that stage before so taking your life is neither here nor there but the only thing, I can tell you is to believe in the judgement of God.
Help does not necessary means that you give the person millions of cedis or dollars that is when you are helping someone but you can help someone by even just your voice and your attitude towards that person would make that person change completely. Sometimes too these people just need something to eat at that very moment. And things would be okay for them but our brothers may have all these and would not even show concern, I understand you are busy searching more money or you are busy with your own family, but one thing we are supposed to know is that the riches God gives us is not for our own consumption but to be able to help our neighbors and friends, that is why we are bless. God knows that if he should give you that blessing, you would be able to help others that is why he shower that blessing on you.
We are living in a society where we have lot of churches, mosques and the rest of the believes in the area. These people are supposed to guide and give us direction as to how one should live meaningful with other without any difficulties but most of these leaders are not up to the task. There are a lot of Foundations too in the country but lack of adequate resource has left them hanging seeking for help which is not coming from anywhere. If you should go to the various orphanage homes in this country, there is nothing to write home about. It all boil down to help.
Helping someone to be responsible in life is one of the best anyone can do in the life of someone to also stand on their feet. The Stacy M Foundation is one the best Foundation that can give that help that you have always been crying for. Make a way to take part in the on-going free vocational training that is been organized across all the 16 regions in the country and beyond.

WHY GOING THROUGH THESE ALONE? Why going through all these alone? My brother and sister you are not alone in this situation, someone have also been through this situation and they are also asking the same question as to why they are all alone in such a nightmare but one thing we should know is that whatsoever you are going through now, someone have been there before and someone is currently praying to be where you are now.
Your current situation is someone else prayer request so don’t you dare look down upon yourself. Even Christ Jesus once ask God why thy forsake me? But the truth is that he was not forsake but for the grace of God to manifest for others to see and believe that indeed he is the God of all and he is capable of doing all things at his own time, he has to make Christ Go through that as if he has forsaken him which is not the case. What am trying to make you understand is that God have time for everything that we are going through. He knows that we are going through such predicament but he has a special plan for us that is why he is not rushing us now.
Sometime people write you off from whatsoever they are doing they said there is nothing good about you. A friend told me a story about himself some times and I want to share this story with you that you will know that you are not in this all alone. He said and I quote “my brother do you know that because of my situation when my father passed on my family couldn’t tell me that my father is dead? I the one who is the elderly among my siblings, no one told me about my father’s sickness left alone his dead. I have to heard that from my friend that we are just coming from your father’s funeral and I didn’t see you there. So, I ask him what are you talking about how can you say such a thing about my father? To cut matter short he called his younger brother and asked him if what he is hearing is true and he confirm to him that yes, it is. He continues by telling him that, they know he is not working so he coming to the village would mean that, they have to give him transportation and that, that money have been used as a contribution on his behalf.”
How would you feel if you happen to be this guy in question now? But the guy never gave up, but rather keep on pushing and God changed everything within second for him. Now he is the one taking care of the family that wrote him off some years ago. All that am trying to put across here is that, don’t give up because things are not going through your direction so you think that is the end of life for you. My brother and sister that is not the end of the road for you. Keep on keeping and hope for the best moment and know that you are not the only person okay. I the one writing this article have also got my fair share of the cake. It wasn’t easy for me at that time but I believe in God and he has change things for me although am not where I want to be but am grateful for how far he has brought me.

WHAT ARE SOME THINGS THAT CAN HELP ME ON THE SOCIAL MEDI? Social media arguably have had its own disadvantages but that does not mean that there is nothing good on social media. Social media have offer us a lot and is still offering us a lot. If only you are on social media for a better thing, you will get that better thing that you want. Because social media now can even let you get a lot of work to do that is if you are really looking for work.
Some people go to the various social media platform to do their own things not the things that would help all of us. So, the rhetoric of if there is something that can help us on the various social media platform is yes. There is a lot to gain that would change your life on the social media platforms if search well. There are pastors that preach a touching and powerful message that can change our lives on the social media platform. The only thing you have to look out for is positive news on the platforms and not what other stuffs. People use social media for business and other great activities which is helping them in their lives.

HOW DO I OVERCOME THE ABUSIVE NATURE OF LIFE? one of our biggest obstacles is abuse that we go through in life. sometimes life don’t even give us the best in ourselves due to what we have been through because of abuse. Now as to whether one can overcome abuse or not is a very difficult thing to tackle in our society. The very reason why it difficult to deal with abuse in the society is because even the society we live in, most of them are behind this barbaric act and it really making it difficult for them to help fight this very act.
Now the question is can you overcome abuse is yes. Everyone can overcome abuse no matter where you are, or what you do you can overcome abuse. You can overcome abuse by reporting the very people who are behind this act to the authorities in every corner you find yourself been abuse. One thing abuse is not only when you are been raped but then it goes beyond that. Sometimes, some people can even let you do things that affect you as an individual that alone is a form of abuse on its own. When this continue happening just report to the authorities said the police and other law enforcement agencies and they would take the issue and for justice to be done.
As a student, if you are denying the right to go to school, you can equally report your parents or caregiver to the authority for denying you your right to school.

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