Shatana Schools Dada KD On The State Of The Nation


Songstress and Afrobeat musician, Shatana has clapped back hard at veteran highlife musician, Dada KD for some infamous utterances he made in an interview on CTV’s show.

In the interview, Dada KD was of the view that indeed, the current government bearded by President, Akufo Addo is doing well and that the Ghanaian populace should spare him the drama and overreaction on petty issues.

He explained that the extravagant lifestyle of some Ghanaians is what is making them feel and face hardship in the country. He further backed up his point by saying, the government has been able to construct about 80% of roads in Ghana which back in the days was a worrisome headache to most Ghanaians. He stated figuratively that, the president, is not spoon-feeding Ghanaians but rather teaching Ghanaians to fish.

Watch the interview from below.


Ghanaians, cut your coats according to your material Nana Addo is teaching you how to Fish @dadakdgh

Music queen,

Music queen, Shatana who felt Dada KD’s claims to be all lies and full of partisanship stunts clapped back hard at him with a reply on the video that posted the interview on Instagram.

She wrote, ”


Shatana has also released a new song dubbed, “Anfa” which addresses the current hardship Ghanaians are going through and exposes the failures of the government.

Source: www.Modernafricaonline.com

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