South Africa Based Rapper Christ Offer unveil tracklist of his bless my generation EP

“Yea Bless my generations is basically me talking about how I see my future. That’s the future I want”

So If you check the tracklist it actually speaks for itself cos We have hello Riches that’s is like me talking to Riches about the things I want when she visiting.

We have dreams that I basically talk about everything I dream of. We also have relax which make more sense cos after everything relaxation is key

Championship because I feel like I have this inner champion in me that the world is yet to experience

And Laugh finally cos you can’t have a blessed generations without being happy and Laugh is a symbol of happiness if I’m not wrong

“So basically that’s the idea behind the title and the track list I choose”

He said

Tracklist for bless my generation EP are :

Hello Riches

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